BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Fall classes for the 2022-2023 semester are in full swing at Southern University, LSU, and Baton Rouge Community College, which means most students have already started the process of getting acquainted with their new roommates.

But students who have yet to find roommates and capital area non-students who are considering the idea of teaming up with a someone to split rent may be interested in several suggestions related to finding a great roommate.

Four such suggestions are listed below.

#1 Start with your friends

According to Best Colleges, the easiest way to find a roommate is to start with people you know, namely, your friends. If none of your friends are available, you might ask them if they can suggest someone else who they think would be a good fit for you.

That said, Best Colleges warns, “Just because you get along well with someone, though, doesn’t mean you’ll be compatible roommates.”

It goes on to mention the importance of considering friends and acquaintances who share your values in relation to tidiness, social habits/entertaining, and communication styles.

For example, suppose you are a quiet introvert who likes to keep a clean home, prefers to relax with a pizza and a movie on Friday nights, and is typically in bed by 10 p.m.

If this is your basic personality, you may find it challenging to live with a loud extrovert who doesn’t mind leaving dishes in the sink for a few days, enjoys hosting parties every Friday night, and comes in from the clubs at 4 a.m.

As much as you adore this friend, living with them may become problematic.

Experts say it’s usually best to live with friends who share your outlook when it comes to daily life choices.

#2 Make a list of roommate qualities

When it comes to deciding what kind of personality type you would mesh with, it can be helpful to write a list of qualities you want in a roommate.

If necessary, your list can also include economic conditions, such as how much money they should be able to contribute and what you need their credit score to be.

Best Colleges also suggests, “Be sure to write down deal-breakers, too. If someone thinks it’s OK to borrow your clothes without asking or rolls their eyes at the idea of establishing a list of agreed-upon responsibilities (like a cleaning rotation), it’s reasonable to consider these qualities unacceptable.”

You might also consider whether or not you can room with someone who smokes, works odd hours, plays a musical instrument they’ll need to practice daily, or has any chronic health conditions.

#3 Consult your local networks

If you’ve been unable to find a roommate via friends or friends of friends, it may be time to investigate other resources.

Spare no effort in letting all of your social circles know you’re on the lookout for a compatible roommate. These social circles might include your gym, beauty/barber shops and nail salons you frequent, churches or temples you attend, any book clubs or other groups you’re a member of, and even cafes where workers know you by name.

In this regard, Apartment List says, “Once you start asking around, you’ll be surprised to how often somebody knows somebody who is looking for a roommate. This will save you a lot of time trying to do outreach online and vetting strangers.”

While there are also online options (such as Facebook Groups and Marketplace, and when it comes to finding a roommate in Baton Rouge, the safety of utilizing these kinds of websites can be questionable.

#4 Openly discuss what your potential roomie expects of you

Once you’ve found a few candidates, schedule time to have coffee with them and get to know them.

Even if they’re already a friend or acquaintance, you can use the opportunity to discuss what would be expected of each other as roommates- from an economic standpoint and as far as daily household chores are concerned.

After you’ve asked them questions about their personal habits, it’s only fair to give the candidate the opportunity to ask you questions about your personal habits and let you know what their expectations of you involve.

If it sounds like your expectations, outlook, and financial situations are a match, you may have found the perfect roommate.

Hopefully, the suggestions above will be helpful when it comes to finding a compatible and dependable roommate who will contribute to making your dwelling a safe and comfortable home.