BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Louisiana’s unemployment rate is an area of concern.

A recent statistic revealed that 83,483 people in the state were unemployed.

This is no surprise to many residents in Baton Rouge, who are on the hunt for profitable careers that exceed the current minimum wage of $7.25/hour.

Confidence Coach, Hanna Peoples is a Louisiana native who has been helping people in the deep south find jobs since 2020.

She spoke with BRProud and offered three tips that can be utilized by those on the lookout for a job that pays well.

People’s suggestions are below:


Leverage your assets

Everyone has multiple areas of interest and related talents. But Peoples pointed out that many are not familiar with the full range of their talent or skill set.

So, one of the first things she tells her clients to do is figure out what their talents are so that these skills can be leveraged.

In other words, after taking a career assessment or even a personality test to find out what your areas of strength and skills are, ask yourself two questions: “How can I use these strengths in behalf of a potential employer? And, what do I want the employer to give me in return for the use of my skills?”

By answering these questions and then following through with related action (i.e., finding the sort of employer who needs your talents and then requesting a fair rate of pay as you apply for said job) you are leveraging your assets.


Network, Network, Network

Nearly every outing can become an opportunity to expand your career-based network, according to Peoples.

But why is it so important to meet people and network?

She explains that knowing the right people and being in the right room at the right time is key when it comes to finding a great job.

Peoples says that in our current economy, lucrative careers may not be as readily available in the deep south as they are in other states, which means a person often has to know someone to score a high-paying job.

As this is the case, she suggests expanding your career-based network as much as possible.

This can be accomplished by attending local career fairs and networking events.

Peoples also suggests going the extra mile and introducing yourself to potential career contacts in grocery stores, waiting rooms, and in other public places when you’re out and about.

But for some, striking up a conversation with a stranger may seem awkward, or even scary.

Peoples suggests that anyone struggling with shyness visit and use the information provided to create a very brief and basic script that includes a question, such as, “Hi, I notice you’re wearing scrubs. I’m considering working in the medical field. And I’m just curious, what do you like best about working in healthcare?”

Striking up a friendly conversation with a stranger, exchanging Instagram information or email addresses, and turning that conversation into a new career-based connection just may lead to a viable job opportunity.


Learn to be Confident

Peoples also suggests building personal confidence by repeating daily affirmations and expanding your skill set.

She says, “My affirmation for every day is, ‘If anything good will happen today, it’s going to happen to me.’ I say that in the morning, in the afternoon, and before I go to bed. Because what you tell yourself is what you attract… if you put out confidence and positivity, then you will attract positive opportunities that match your level of confidence.”

She explains that if you have the confidence of a high-powered executive, you’ll be more likely to snag a high-powered career.

In addition to making use of daily affirmations, Peoples suggests reading up on skills and areas of study that can be used in your career. This can be accomplished by using tools at the East Baton Rouge Parish Library or by taking free or low-cost online/in-person courses.

Click here for additional job hunting tips from the federal government.