BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Many experts agree that our planet is facing numerous environmental problems.

For example, a 2022 article on states that, “Increased emissions of greenhouse gases have led to a rapid and steady increase in global temperatures, which in turn is causing catastrophic events all over the world – from Australia and the US experiencing some of the most devastating bushfire seasons ever recorded, locusts swarming across parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia, decimating crops, and a heatwave in Antarctica that saw temperatures rise above 20 degrees for the first time.”

Such widespread problems may lead one to wonder what they can possibly do to make any sort of difference.

Fortunately, individual actions can be useful in reducing our carbon footprints and combating climate change.

Listed below are five seemingly simple environmentally-friendly habits that one might consider making a part of their daily routine.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Try to conserve natural resources and landfill space by cutting back on how much you use and throw away. Recycle and reuse items as much as possible.

Conserve water

Instead of leaving water running in the home, use only as much water as you need. This is helpful to the environment because the less water you use, the less runoff and wastewater ends up in the ocean.

Shop with the planet’s needs in mind

When shopping, try to bring a reusable shopping bag and buy less plastic.

Drive only when necessary

Where possible, cut back on using your vehicle. While driving is necessary for most people in the capital area, there may be some occasions when you can walk or bike to a location instead of using your car.

Use long-lasting light bulbs

When a room gets dim and you realize it’s time to change a bulb, opt on the purchase of an energy efficient light bulb as it reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

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In addition to the five suggestions listed above, it can be an enriching experience to volunteer with a local nonprofit that organizes community cleanups and tree-planting events.

Volunteering in this way opens the door to meeting new people and allows for making an even bigger difference in supporting the environment.

Baton Rouge Green is a local nonprofit that makes an effort to keep the community clean and healthy.

Click here to learn more about how to volunteer with Baton Rouge Green.