BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD)- Following reports of two former LSU students’ rape allegations against former LSU football star Derrius Guice, in May eight women filled a lawsuit against the National Collegiate Athletic Association. In June Guices’ accuser joined the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, the eight women filled a lawsuit against the NCAA claiming, “this is an action to address the failure of Defendants to address sexual assault and other forms of gender-based violence committed by male student-athletes against female students and student-athletes at colleges and universities under the purview of Defendant NCAA.”

The lawsuit describes Guices’ accuser as “Jane Doe 4”, a former tennis player at a university in
the Southeastern Conference.

While the lawsuit does not name Derrius Guice, it describes Jane Doe 4’s abuser as “John Roe N”, a star player at Jane Doe 4’s university.

According to the lawsuit, Jane Doe 4 met John Roe N at a campus bar while she was out for a night of drinking.

The night of Jane Doe 4’s abuse follows:

JRN bought JD4 multiple shots of Patron tequila, increasing her already intoxicated state. JRN then took JD4 in his car and drove her to her apartment where he forced her to perform
oral sex on him and then raped her. None of this sexual activity was consensual. Because of JRN’s status as an athlete, JD4 was afraid to report the rape or discuss it with friends or family.

Jane Doe 4 was battling alcohol and adderal abuse during her time at the university. The lawsuit explains Jane Doe 4’s abuse increased during the spring 2017 tennis season.

After testing positive for adderall, Jane Doe 4’s coach took the victim to a rehabilitation facility and took a medical withdrawal from school.

It was at rehab when Jane Doe 4 told family and friends that she had been raped by JRN.

“Upon information and belief, a rehabilitation center official reported the rape by JRN to
the SECS athletic department,” according to the lawsuit.

SEC paid for another three months of rehab for Jane Doe 4 after being informed of her abuse. However, Jane Doe 4’s coach did not believe JD4 had been raped by JRN.

The former LSU tennis player reports her rape was reported to LSU’s Title IX office, but no investigation was launched. In 2019, Jane Doe 4 found out from the SECS’s Title IX office that there was a to find out if there was a record of her being assaulted, however JRN was not mentioned.

At this time JRN was already playing in the NFL.

The lawsuit claims the following towards SECS and the NCAA:

Upon information and belief, SECS has fostered a culture in which female victims are
discouraged from reporting sexual assaults, sexual harassment, stalking, and other forms
of sexual violence when those acts are perpetrated by male student-athletes in order to
protect SECS, the male athletics programs, male student-athletes, and the NCAA, at the
expense of the female victims.

LSU Media Relations Director Ernie Ballard gave WVLA the following statement Wednesday:

“LSU and LSU Athletics take all accusations of sexual assault with the utmost seriousness. Formal complaints are promptly and fully investigated and the rights and privacy of students are protected as stipulated by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Complainants are also strongly encouraged to report the offense to law enforcement and are provided information on health care, counseling and supportive measures available.”

Guice was arrested on Friday, Aug. 7 after he turned himself in at Loudoun Adult Detention Center in Virginia. Guice was charged on multiple charges of domestic violence, including three counts of assault and battery, one count of destruction of property and one count of strangulation, which is a felony, according to a Washington Post report.

Hours after his arrest, the Washington Football Team released Guice from the team.