by: James Selby

Former West Ouachita High School cheerleader and Playboy Playmate Valerie Mason was arrested for suspected methamphetamine during a traffic stop in her hometown of West Monroe on June 22, 2019.

Deputies say they originally initiated the traffic stop because one of the vehicles taillights were out.

Authorities say while speaking with the driver, identified as Steven Mullholland, could not provide a drivers license. Mullholland was asked to exit the vehicle where deputies say they pat him down for any weapons or paraphernalia.

According to the arrest report, deputies found two hypodermic needle caps, commonly associated in the usage of methamphetamine, in Mullhollands pants pocket which led to a search inside the vehicle.

Upon inspection of the vehicle, authorities say they found 2 grams of suspected methamphetamine that all suspects involved denied ownership of.

All three suspects, including Valerie Mason, were arrested and booked into Ouachita Correctional Center (OCC).

Valerie Mason was booked in to OCC with a $3,000 dollar bond.