A freeze warning is in effect this morning. Temperatures are starting off the day in the low 30s. High temperatures get into the upper 50s. The next couple of nights overnight lows are in the 30s.  

Today: Partly Cloudy. Highs near 58.  

Tonight: Mostly Cloudy. Lows near 39. 

Tomorrow: Cloudy. Highs near 53. 

Highs are in the mid to low 50s. Saturday is expected to be cloudy and rainy. Throughout the day a few areas will see some spots of heavy rainfall. Going into the evening and overnight rain gradually clears out. Going into next week temperatures are warming up. Highs start to get back to the 60s. Next week temperatures start to warm up to the 60s. We get a break from chilly temperatures. Thursday and end of next week is our next chance of rain.