GONZALES, La. (BRPROUD) — New rules have been put into place, due to inappropriate music, no floats or vehicles will be allowed to play music in this year’s Gonzales Christmas Parade.

“You should have a moral compass, that automatically tells you that certain music is inappropriate,” says the Director of the Christmas Parade, Brigitte Reulet.

The announcement was made on Facebook by the City of Gonzales and the Jambalaya Festival Association on Facebook.

Hundreds of comments came flying in after the decision was announced.

One person quoted, “It’s a Christmas Family Parade. Play Christmas music at the Christmas Parade. Make sense.” Another person replied to that comment by saying “Exactly.”

While others say, “No Music? No Thanks! This joint going to be a BORING.,” someone replies saying, “Right? BOOMERS are going to be BOOMERS.”

The Jambalaya Festival Association, the organizers of the event, say that the parade is a family-oriented parade, and that appropriate Christmas music is the only thing that should play.

“It’s inappropriate for first a Christian Parade, I mean it’s about Jesus and secondly, it’s supposed to be a family parade,” said Reulet.

Marching bands and the Coca-Cola truck carrying Santa Claus are exceptions to the ban and will be allowed to play music during the parade, according to organizers.

Last year, a well-known DJ, DJThriller, died after he was trying to save his speakers from hitting a tree, but a branch hit him, putting him in a coma.

According to Reulet, she said it had shaken up the whole community and was very devasting for his family.

Reulet mentions, to avoid an accident like DJThriller’s, how each float must be under 12 feet. The Association will be measuring before the parade starts.

However, there will be some Christmas music in the air during the parade. There will be 13 to 15 high school, middle and elementary school bands, as well as the Santa and the Coca-Cola truck (which is not carrying Santa this year) are only playing Christmas tunes to avoid any inappropriate language.

According to Reulet, Gonzales police have been notified about the new rule change. For any music coming from a float or inside a vehicle, police are obligated to take necessary actions.