HAMMOND, La. (BRPROUD) – Earlier this month, a prayer vigil was held for Hammond Police Officer Carlos Hidalgo.

Officer Carlos Hidalgo is battling COVID-19.

On Monday, the Hammond Police Department provided an update on the condition of Officer Hidalgo.

This update was provided from his wife, Brandi.

Hey guys, the nurse called me this morning and said that Carlos had an uneventful night. He did not run any fever and they lowered his oxygen to 70% on the ventilator with a peep of 10. His heart rate was in the 120’s so they gave him a dose of Dilaudid for discomfort.

This evening the nurse called and said that the Dr decided to decrease his oxygen to 60% on ventilator with the same peep of 10. They tried to decrease the Propofol, but his heart rate and respiratory rate went up and she said that his waveform was all over the place so they left him at the same dosage for the time being. His heart rate was in the 140″s so he was administered a dose of Metoprolol.

He was running a fever of 101.1 so he was also administered Tylenol. She said that he did move his arm off of the side of the bed twice, and she placed it back onto the bed. Neurologically that is a positive sign. Lets all pray that he tolerates at 60% oxygen throughout the night. We are one step closer to my sweetheart coming home.

Thank you so much for the continued prayers of healing for my precious husband. We serve such an amazing God.