BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — One local organization is giving fathers resources to succeed in parenthood while creating an open space to talk about issues.

“Everybody knows there’s a program out there for mothers and for kids. But you don’t hear anything about fathers,” said Levar Robinson, executive director and founder of FOAM.

Robinson, a father of six, left his job working in a chemical plant to start his non-profit organization called Fathers on a Mission, better known as FOAM. Their mission is to provide parenting resources for men and promote committed fatherhood through education and strong relationships.

“Fathers are the top pyramid of the family. So if we go back and regardless of status, regardless of anything, support fathers and their journey in fatherhood. That can take effect on the families and the youth in the community,” said Robinson.

Robinson says help is available. Dads should not feel ashamed for seeking advice on parenthood.

“It’s a matter of us realizing we have pride. Let that pride down then come and use the resources that we have available,” said Robinson.

In addition to working with men, FOAM has a mentoring program for kids. Robinson says he wants children to know there is more to life than just being an athlete or entertainer.

“I came from poverty, right? So, if I can do these things, you can too. You’re going to take a different path than I took but you can do these things too if you’re exposed to it,” said Robinson.

Robinson says fathers matter. Men can have a bigger impact on their child’s life than they realize.

“You can see the emotions on their faces change,” stated Robinson. “You know, it can be a child that’s like really not paying attention. But, it’s like as soon as I explain what our organization is doing with fathers, they tune in.”

Archie Lee is a father of two. He says parents should infuse love into their conversations with their children. 

He hopes to teach other fathers that it’s okay to be vulnerable and show emotion.

“It was something that we didn’t say,” said Lee. “Then I started saying it and it became part of myself and my parenting. My brothers and sisters, our way of life. And that’s how I raise my kids. I can’t remember a day that I didn’t tell my kids that I love them,” said Lee.

Robinson says FOAM is growing on a month-to-month basis and hopes to expand the organization to areas outside of Baton Rouge.

“Awe man… I love the kids,” said Robinson.

Fathers on a Mission hosts a parenting session for men every Tuesday. Visit to learn more.