BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — This holiday season you can expect to pay 25% more for toys, according to Global Toy Experts. For some, that means their kids will not be getting gifts this holiday. One non-profit organization wants to help.

“I’ve been out of work for a while due to my health and my condition,” stated Myra Dunn, a mother of 3 with many more grandchildren.

And there are plenty more families just like Myra Dunn this Christmas. Experts say you will pay $100 more for gifts. However, the President of Hope Ministries, Janet Simmons, says they want to provide the toys for those in need. “Everybody loves to be able to celebrate Christmas, and if you don’t have enough means and you can’t don’t have the resources in order to be able to shop for your children, then we give them the opportunity to be able to do that in a dignified manner,” she continued.

Hope Ministries wants to make sure no child in the Baton Rouge community is left behind this Christmas. “Kids. They have no control over their circumstances. So we like to be able to give parents a chance to shop for their kids, for toys. We wrap them for them. And it’s just like they got them at the store,” explained Simmons.

“And give my children toys, give my grandkids toys, my nieces and nephews and all the family members in my family,” expressed Dunn. But not just regular toys. Dunn says she was able to get something that everyone in her family enjoys, bringing back smiles this holiday season. “The kids are so excited and they smile so gratefully when they get to see their own gifts under the tree,” Dunn smiled.