NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Got baby fever? If so, you might not after reading this.

Some pregnancies are planned and some are not, but one thing that is certain is that having a baby can be expensive. According to QuoteWizard, having a child costs between $21,000 and $37,000 in the first year, depending on where you live.

The insurance company reported that childbirth costs on average about $12 thousand dollars, child care costs $10 thousand on average and health insurance costs about $5 thousand nationwide. According to QuoteWizard, Alaska is the most expensive place to have a baby and costs about $37 thousand dollars and Arkansas is the least expensive place to have a baby, it costs on average about $20 thousand dollars.

Lousiana ranks as the 9th cheapest state to have a baby in. Although it is ranked as one of the cheapest, it can still be pricey. Between labor and delivery, childcare costs, and health insurance, it now costs over $23,239 to have a child in the state. Labor and delivery cost about $10,000, child care costs about $7,000 and health insurance costs about $6,000.

Along with the costs of delivery, health insurance, and childcare, there can very likely be more expenses that will need to be covered including extra doctor visits, tests, and having to pay extra if complications come up.