ICYMI: Man tried to lure 10-year-old Louisiana boy into his car by using cash


A Lafayette woman claims a man tried to lure her 10 year old son into his car only a block away from their house. Now, she wants to warn others.

The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous in order to protect her son, tells news 10 that when her son got home, he told her something a mother never wants to hear.

According to his account, she says a man pulled up next to her 10 year old boy as he was walking home from school.

The man allegedly offered the boy an opportunity to make $100 if he got in the car.

According to her, the man claimed to be from a local mentoring organization, but when he pulled up next to her house after following her son, she says her motherly instincts kicked in.

“Well I asked him can he get out and come talk to me by my house. He didn’t want to get out. Didn’t have no kind of information. Didn’t want me to see his ID or anything.”

Now she wants to warn other parents about how believable the ruse the man using is to kids.

She says her son believed the man, “Actually he thought it was something good. He even was a little upset because he thought maybe I just didn’t want him to go make some money, when the man was actually trying to lure him in.”

Thankfully, she says although her son thought it would be a good opportunity to make some cash, he still went by what his mother taught him. 

She tells News 10 she wants other parents to teach their kids about the dangers of these situations, “I am grateful and I’m proud of myself for talking to him about not just getting in the car with someone.”

The mom tells me she has relatives who work for the local organization the man claimed to be with– she says she reached out to check and see if the man was affiliated with them and they said no.

She also says she has filed a report with Lafayette Police.

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