BATON ROUGE, La. (NBC 33) (FOX 44) “We begin our journey as attorneys and my brother ascended to the bench and now, I am here with him.”

Identical twins, both serving on Louisiana’s 19th Judicial District Court, at the same time.

“When I look back at our career and our lives, I realized that every step along the way was a historic step. For example, we were the first ones to go to college in our family and the first ones to get a degree” said Donald Johnson, 19th Judicial District Court Judge.

The Johnson brothers grew up in Baton Rouge, attended Southern University and became attorneys. They said, throughout their lives, it’s been a friendly competition, motivating each other every step of the way.

“What one did, the other tried to do also. We’re following in that tradition that was established early on in our lives” said Ronald Johnson, 19th Judicial District Court Judge.

Tuesday afternoon, Ronald Johnson took his oath – raising his right hand and repeating after the person he shares so much in common with.

The brothers said, they never thought about making history but their journeys prepared them for this very moment.

“It was a process of history making, it wasn’t overnight.”

Twin brothers, now holding the title of Honorable Judge Johnson of the 19th Judicial District Court.

“We came from nothing and we want our young boys in Baton Rouge and across the state and in America to know that there is reality in endurance. That if they cannot see it through, just keep walking and putting one step in front of the other. Look at us, from our humble beginnings, they too, can see that themselves as role models.”