BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — After major turmoil within the Capital Area Transit System, six East Baton Rouge council members established a committee to take a deeper look into the bus system.

The CATS system has been under the spotlight after controversies like leaving employees with no health insurance. All the turmoil left former CEO Bill Deville fired.

The committee’s attorney Michael Adams says members of CATS are refusing to hand over records regarding Deville’s termination. Also, CATS commissioners are not turning over documents related to CATS attorney John Cutrone who was terminated after a drug test came back positive for meth.

“We have not received from Mr. Foster’s office at this point, and he’s made it pretty clear via letter and in conversations with us that we’re not going to receive those particular documents,” said Monica Moton, Attorney, DeCuir, Clark & Adam Law Firm.

Councilwoman Carolyn Coleman serves as the CATS investigative committee chair, she is also on the CATS board itself. Coleman says in the past CATS commissioners have told her they were not interested in complying.

“The purpose of this was to have a conversation, to get information, and to be able to move forward. So, no, I’m not surprised at all,” said Coleman.

Adams says the next step is to ask CATS members for a face-to-face interview. If CATS members also deny that request, the investigative committee will allow a Sopena to follow.

“The commissioners had every opportunity to come with their attorney, come and talk to us and clear their name. However, now we’re having to drag this out and have legal processes,” said Jenn Racca, Councilwoman, of East Baton Rouge Parish.

Councilwoman Jenn Racca says she is disappointed with the lack of cooperation from CATS commissioners.

“With every hope that we had, was to get this resolved move forward, and clean up whatever needed to be cleaned up and not end up in the news again,” she said.

CATS board members did not get back to BRProud for a comment.