Courtesy: Adam Waltz (KASW)

Forget the “is a hot dog a sandwich” argument! A Twitter user just dropped a bombshell of a suggestion that re-categorizes food. 

The suggestion that a hot dog is a taco is a more legit argument that you think. The Washington Post dove into the newfound dilemma after the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council said that the hot dog is, in fact, NOT a sandwich. 

But how did we get from sandwich to taco? Go way back to high school math class, because this problem lies in geometry, specifically with The Cube Rule.

The Cube Rule was created to set food identification guidelines and hopefully settle some frat house debates. The categorization of food depends on how many sides or “starch locations” the specific food contains. If a food item has just one side on the base, it falls into one category. But if there is a base and two walls or sides then the food item falls into another category. 

Thankfully, Twitter user @Phosphatide created a handy graphic to help better understand The Cube Rule.

In this representation of The Cube Rule, there are six categories coinciding with the number of sides on a cube. The first category is “Toast” with only one starchy side, and works it’s way up to the sixth category, “Calzone,” where the entire food is enclosed. 

Under The Cube Rule, hot dogs would fall under the “Taco” category, and not the sandwich. As Twitter user @Phosphatide states in the tweet, this puts some iconic foods into interesting categories. For example, pizza is a “Toast” and pie is a “Calzone.” 

Hot dogs are joined in the “Taco” category with other fan favorites like sub sandwiches and slices of pie (tacos on their side). Also under this rule pop-tarts are considered calzones. 

Do you think The Cube Rule should apply to categorizing foods? Or are you a classic “hot dog is a sandwich” person?