WALKER, La. (BRPROUD) – August 12, 2016 is a day that many locals may not want to remember.

It was the day that “The Great Flood of 2016” started across the Capital Area.

Many parishes were affected including East Baton Rouge, Ascension and Livingston.

One of the many homes hit by the flood belonged to Dana Guarisco.

Dana Guarisco and her husband lost everything on that day buy they still live in the same home today on Lakeland Dr. in Walker

This is what it looked like during and after the flood in 2016.

This is what it looks like today if you drive by the home.

So what exactly will someone see if they drive by this Halloween display?

According to Dana, some of the items on display this year include a 9 1/2 foot werewolf, 12 foot. Lighted Pumpkin man, creepy fencing, 2 skeleton horses and a 8 foot skeleton dinosaur.

Dana and her husband spent two weekends putting up the Halloween display.

The Walker native said, “It makes my heart full to see the enjoyment from all the children.”

What a difference 6 years has made for the resident of Livingston Parish.

The flood left 36 inches of rain inside their home and they did not have flood insurance.

The following year, Dana continued the tradition of putting up Halloween decorations.

Dana and her husband have been decorating for around 15 years.

Each year following the flood, the display has expanded and now includes the handing out of candy bags on Halloween night.

Image courtesy of Chase and Dana Guarisco

Dana said, “Each year I make about 300 bags to hand out and also chip bags for the older group of kids.”

There is also another bucket filled with coloring books, frisbee and stuffed Halloween animals.

Friends, family and neighbors usually stop by on Halloween night to grab one of these candy bags and enjoy the party at the house.

Anyone who stops by this year can expect Halloween music and a fog machine.

The older kids may get hit with some silly string and keep an eye out for a fake chainsaw.

Dana and her husband continue to rebuild their home as it is not 100 percent back yet from the “The Great Flood of 2016.”

In the meantime, there are four days until the big night and this couple will continue to spread the Halloween spirit.

When Halloween is over, the decorations will go back into a storage shed until next year.