NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — At the keyboard, he hopes he’s got a hit in his hands.

It’s a sweet song.

A little light.

A little fluffy.

And kind of crunchy.

Just like a New Orleans King Cake.

WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood says that’s what the song is.

It’s the King Cake Song.

It’s a culinary creation from songwriter Tommy Tortorich.

Bill Wood asks Tommy Tortorich, “Was composing the King Cake Song a piece of cake?”

Tommy says, “Oh, not even close, something I started a long time ago.”

In the recording studio, Tommy stood on the sidelines.

Like a coach.

His team made the music of the man who grew up in New Orleans and worked as a general contractor in the French Quarter.

Now, he’s the Beethoven of King Cakes. He’s the Bob Dylan of desserts.

Bill Wood says, “You’re making a name for yourself, so where does the King Cake Song sit, other than on a plate?

Tommy Tortorich says, “I hope it goes on to be a perpetual thing and becomes an annual song people sing every king cake season, forever.”

You can listen to the song any place you find your favorite tunes.