BATON ROUGE, La. (LOCAL 33) (FOX 44) – Today was all about firsts. For some it was the first time organizing beads and for others it was the first time stepping foot on a parade float. But collectively it was a debut of north baton rouge culture the city has never seen before.

Myra Richardson, a board member for the parade says this parade is more than just another addition to Baton Rouge’s carnival scene.

“It’s an amazing opportunity for the community to see representation of themselves,” Richardson says.

For the longest Mardi Gras was an expression of Louisiana culture unique to New Orleans and eventually south baton rouge. Now the inaugural Krewe of Oshun wants to show the rest of the city that North Baton rouge is a stitch of the cultural fabric too.

“This is for our community by our community so whatever happens today I think its something we should be proud of,” Richardson says.

It took years to get to this point. The parade needed members, sponsors, and money to get the floats, the beads and the band. But two years and over $50,000 dollars later, the Krewe of Oshun was finally able to include north baton rouge into the carnival season.

“Really it’s showing the other people that look north baton rouge is not the negative,” Byron Washingston, another board member, says. “We are a bunch of loving caring people that just want to have a good time.”

So today marked the first in an annual tradition celebrating the best of what north baton rouge has to offer.