NEW ORLEANS (BRPROUD) — Shreveport clinic Hope Medical Group for Women and Louisiana abortion rights advocates filed a lawsuit arguing Louisiana’s trigger laws banning abortion are “unconstitutionally vague.”

On Monday, a New Orleans judge ruled a temporary block on banning abortions. This takes place three days after the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, making abortions in Louisiana automatically illegal.

“Louisiana’s court made the right call today to swiftly block this unjust ban from taking effect. It is incredibly welcome news during a very dark time in our history. This means that Louisiana patients will still be able to access the essential health care they need — every second that abortion is accessible counts. While the fight is far from over, we will do everything in our power to preserve abortion access in Louisiana and across the country,” reads a statement from Jenny Ma, senior staff attorney at the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Abortion rights advocates say because of the restraining order, all three Louisiana abortion clinics can reopen.

“We know that when the decision came out Friday we knew that they had dozens of patients that had procedures that were rescheduled that were having a difficulty to figure out whether or not they could go out of state,” said Michelle Erenberg, co-founder of Lift Louisiana “We are really hopeful that with today’s ruling all of those patients will be able to get the abortion care they deserve.”

Louisiana Right to Life advocate Sarah Zagorski says pro-life advocates were anticipating lawsuits. Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry says he is fully prepared to defend abortion laws in Louisiana and federal courts.

“We’re confident that Jeff Landry and his team will defend Louisiana law,” said Zagorski. “Interestingly, they filled the lawsuit in Orleans Parish. They are obviously looking for a friendly pro-abortion judge.”

The lawsuit will challenge Louisiana’s bill that does not allow an exception for rape or incest.

Michelle Erenberg with Lift Louisiana says there’s a lot of misconception after the Supreme Court ruling. Erenberg says ectopic pregnancies are an exception for abortion, contraception is not impacted and it’s still difficult for someone to get an abortion pill in the state. Erenberg says this lawsuit is a relief, for now.

“Today’s ruling on this restraining order is very, very welcoming news and I think all of us felt a sign of relief,” she said.

Attorney General Landry and Louisiana Department of Health Secretary Courtney Phillips are scheduled to appear at that hearing on July 8th.

Baton Rouge Delta Clinic is planning to reopen and provide abortions again this week.