BATON ROUGE, La (BRPROUD) — Local, state, and federal leaders are introducing yet another plan to combat gun violence in East Baton Rouge Parish in a press conference Wednesday.

This is another step in their ongoing mission, to fight violent crimes in the area.

Repeat offenders and juveniles are one of the key issues contributing to violent crimes in the community. Leaders have been meeting for the past year to work on a game plan.

“Collaboration has always been a way of life for us, but what you see here today is a higher level of cooperation,” said Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome.

Local officials said there are four primary goals that they will be focusing on.

The first goal is to focus on community engagement. According to BRPD Deputy Chief Neal Noel, young people are at the center of this goal.

“We have to engage with young people involved with violence on the front end by providing them with guidance and opportunities to choose a different path in life,” Noel said.

Next, they will prioritize gun crimes and high-risk offenses.

“Focused on prioritizing gun crimes in our court system both at the local and federal levels,” said Noel.

The third goal is to clean up blight and infrastructure within the city.

“Focusing on the fiscal conditions in neighborhoods that contribute to the gun violence,” Noel explained.

And finally, the fourth goal is proactive policing.

“Focused on law enforcement itself, proactive policing investigations guided by data intelligence and technology to reduce the gun violence specifically in our community,” Noel concluded.

East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore believes one issue for the crime is repeat offenders. He said pushing bond hearings involving violent crimes toward the end of the day could give his team more time to prepare.

“We generally get to the office around 8:30 a.m., court starts at 9:00, someone who has been arrested the night before from 9:00 a.m. on, we really don’t know until that morning until that they are in call out,” Moore said. “We have people now working overnight that are looking at the arrests as they come in trying to get minutes from previous convictions, find any bonds that they are out on, what’s their previous rap sheet look like, what kind of intelligence do we know about them so that early in the morning that we can present to the duty judge to let that judge know he this is who you are dealing with.”

Moore said they are working to get courts to permanently move bond hearings for violent crimes to later in the afternoons, some of which have made the switch.

Moore also shared that he is drafting legislation that could impact automatic weapons charges in hopes to target some of the violent criminals in the community.

“So our law hasn’t kept up with the technology behind these weapons,” Moore said. “So I think it’s more of a common sense approach one of public safety, it’s not anti-gun whatsoever, it’s just, this is a problem and we need to deal with it.”

BRPD Police Chief Murphy Paul said they are seeing an average of a 20% reduction in homicides in the City of Baton Rouge and owe some of the credit to the community.

“Telling us who the criminals are in your community, thank you, we hear you loud and clear Baton Rouge. Keep talking because we will never stop listening, we are going to continue listening and we are going to continue to build on these strategies and we are going to continue to get those numbers down even more,” said Paul.