The Denham Springs boys soccer team has clinched a bye in this year’s Division I playoffs, but that’s hardly the most important thing for the team.

The Yellowjackets have dedicated their 2018-2019 season to Taylor Wilson, a former soccer player who recently had a brain tumor surgically removed.

Wilson may not be playing with the team, but he’s as big a part of it as anyone. Wilson leads the team’s prayers and attends each and every game – along with most practices.

Teammate and friend Seth Bridges says this season is special because of what Wilson brings to it.

“He motivates us. We know he wants to play, so I play that much harder when I see him standing on the sidelines.”

Wilson is proud for what the team is doing for him. When Wilson had to shave his head before surgery, the team did it as well.

“So many coaches lead the charge but in this case, honestly I tagged along, it was the team – the captains, they were the ones behind all of this,” says head coach Chris Thorne.

Denham Springs sits wit ha 19-4-1 record ahead of their first round bye in the LHSAA playoffs.