LIVINGSTON PARISH, La. (BRPROUD) — Should sex education and LGBTQ+ books at the Livingston Parish Library be reclassified? That is the big question in the last few weeks.

Tuesday the library’s board met after Parish President Layton Ricks sent a letter demanding action against controversial books.

“I don’t want my grandchildren picking up a book at a public library that contains questionable sexual content,” stated Ricks in his letter. “I am asking them to at least put these books in a place within the library in more of an adult-type section that can be monitored by library personnel or at least make sure a child has a parent or guardian that’s okaying them for whatever reason to view those books.” 

Board member Erin Sandefur says she does not want to censor any books, but she is on board to move the books out of the young adult section. While other board members argued that cannot happen because of policies.  

Despite the letter and public comment, the board ultimately decided that anyone who has concerns about a book is to follow policy and file a complaint for a committee to review. As of right now, no books are being banned or moved to another section of the library.

“I thought it was interesting that an appointed board they are appointed by the parish council would basically ignore the will of the board and parish president,” said attorney Joe Long.

Joe Long is representing a Livingston Parish man who is facing a defamation lawsuit from librarian Amanda Jones, after a heated public meeting regarding the books. Long says his client does not want to ban books but is pushing for them to be in a more age-restricted area.

“Who will decide the content of the library? Will it be elected officials of librarians?” said Long.

Sandefur made a motion to create a committee of three board members to review the policies, however that motion failed.

Complaints on any content at the Livingston Parish Library can be filed here.