LIVINGSTON PARISH, La. (NBC Local 33)(Fox 44) – The Livingston Parish District Attorney’s Office is handing over the prosecution of Melanie Curtin to the Attorney General’s Office.

Curtin is the third mystery suspect, recently identified and accused of rape and video voyeurism in connection with the Perkins case.

According to a court document sent to NBC Local 33/Fox 44 Tuesday, the Livingston Parish DA’s Office is recusing themselves citing “conflict of interest”.

Investigators say Curtin is the third suspect involved with former Livingston Parish Sheriffs’ Deputy Dennis Perkins, and his school teacher wife, Cynthia Perkins.

Curtin was arrested over the weekend in New Orleans after returning from a cruise.

Sheriff Jason Ard said in a statement Monday Curtin worked for the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office for back for 18 months before terminating her job in August 2012. He also said she was not an employee at the time for her arrest in her alleged crimes.

The Livingston Parish DA also recused himself last year from the Dennis & Cynthia Perkins’ cases also due to “conflict of interest”.

Dennis is being charged with two counts of video voyeurism, two counts of obscenity, 63 counts of pornography involving juveniles under 13 years of age, and two counts of first degree rape.

Cynthia is being charged with 60 counts of child porn involving juveniles under 13, and two counts of first-degree rape.

Curtin is currently being held in the Livingston Parish Detention Center on a $350,000 bond.