BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Egg prices have hit a historic high.

Cupcake Junkie owner Robyn Mills says the price of eggs is taking a toll on business.

“Some places have limits on how many eggs you can get,” said Mills. “I know this past weekend, my husband and I went shopping and I got two cartons of eggs and he got two and we checked out separately just so I can support my business for the week.”

Dillard University Professor Dorian Williams says the price of eggs are up because of the ongoing bird flu.

“We will see prices rise as we get closer to Easter,” said Dr. Williams. “Because of the flu and the harm that it is doing to the chickens, it’s caused supply and the production of it to decrease and because of that, our demand really hasn’t changed because of the ingredients. And we start to see prices go up.”

The Consumer Price Index shows egg prices in December rose 60% from last year.

In the past two dozen of eggs would cost Mills $4. Now, it is up to $13. She’s starting to make fewer items that require more eggs.

“I make my banana pudding from scratch and it takes a ton of eggs and so I haven’t had banana pudding here in months,” said Mills.

Doctors say eggs are a great source of protein, but people may cut back because of prices at the grocery store. Dr. Ronald Andrews says there are budget-friendly options.

“Protein is very important for bodily function, especially your brain and neurological systems,” said Andrews. “Sometimes people don’t think about it and a couple of them are dairy products. So things like cottage cheese and other cheeses provide a significant amount of protein.”

Andrews also recommends snacking on peanuts and taking vitamins if necessary.

Dr. Williams says there is no sign of relief yet. In the meantime, Mills is hopeful about her sales.

“I cannot operate without eggs and I started panicking at the thought of the stores having a shortage,” she said.