GEISMAR, La. (BRPROUD) — An Ascension Parish twelve-year-old boy faces a charge of terrorizing Wednesday. He is accused of calling 911 and making false claims of an active school shooter at Dutchtown Middle School.

The Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office says the twelve-year-old made the 911 call inside the school by using another person’s cell phone. Both Dutchtown Middle and Elementary schools were put on full lockdown while law enforcement and Ascension Parish school officials walked the halls.

There have been over 1,900 school shootings since 1970, according to the Center for Homeland Defense.

“Claims of violence on the school, these claims of shootings on a school, we take those things so serious now,” said Ascension Parish Sheriff Bobby Webre.

On Wednesday morning around 10 a.m. Ascension Parish 911 dispatch received a call from inside Dutchtown Middle School about an active shooter.

“Well as you can imagine, the panic, that takes place when you have such a call. The school does what it’s supposed to do, it goes on lockdown,” said Webre.

Both Dutchtown Middle and Elementary, connecting schools, went on total lockdown. Law enforcement and Ascension Parish School System officials checked the hallways for clearance. Webre said parents were arriving outside the schools frantic, looking for their child.

“A lot of excitement a lot of nervousness, through the community, on a false claim of a shooting,” said Webre.

The deputies were able to determine that the student, took someone else cell phone, to make that false call.

Sheriff Webre wants to inform parents and children about how serious these claims are, and the consequences.

“Taken so seriously, you’re probably going to get expelled, and you’re probably going to be arrested when you do these types of things,” said Webre.

APSO said the student was arrested on a charge of terrorizing and has been transferred to juvenile detention.

The Ascension Parish School System wrote a statement saying, “All students and staff are safe and returning to normal operations. Thank you to the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office for their quick action in investigating the threat and keeping everyone safe.”

The Ascension Parish Sherriff’s Office is working closely with the school system to ensure campus safety. This is still an ongoing investigation.