Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry announced he will run for re-election in an effort to seek a second term Wednesday.

This announcement comes on the heels of speculations that Landry would challenge Governor John Bel Edwards for his position in next year’s election.

Landry ended all rumors by releasing the following statement on Facebook:

 As the Associated Press just reported, I am running for re-election next year. As Attorney General I, and my team at the Department of Justice, have arrested hundreds of individuals with outstanding warrants, including murder suspects, taking them off the streets. We arrested an illegal alien attempting to pose as medical professional. We’ve made multiple human trafficking arrests. We have had hundreds of arrests for Medicaid Fraud and recovered nearly $70 million for the People of Louisiana. I have led efforts to provide survivor benefits in a more timely manner for families of our fallen First Responders. I am leading efforts to fight the Opioid epidemic to save lives and reduce crime. My office has been on the front lines fighting domestic violence. We have closed thousands of litigation cases, winning in court and in settlements. We streamlined our office to help assist the fight against crime by creating the Louisiana Bureau of Investigation, LBI. We are helping protect religious freedom in schools while keeping teachers and school administrators within the law. We are fighting government overreach which harms Louisiana jobs and the economy. We are protecting 2nd Amendment rights. And our office has been aggressive in being a resource to the People of Louisiana and local officials with Emergency Preparedness – which is something I am championing nationally – and in the wake of large storms. I have been named the President of the National Association of Attorneys General, representing both Democratic and Republican AGs. I believe we are getting the job done! If you support me, and my efforts, please consider helping my re-election today, right now, with a contribution of some amount below. Thank you for your prayers, your confidence, and your support.”

Click here to make a contribution to Landry’s upcoming campaign.