LIVINGSTON, La. (BRPROUD) — On Thursday, a witness in the Melanie Curtin trial made an emotional testimony.

“When I saw parts of that video, I wanted to literally die,” said the witness.

The defendant asked the alleged victim if they had watched the video. She replied that she watched part of it but couldn’t recall how long or how much of the video they had watched.

The defendant’s attorney, John McLindon, asked the woman how much of the video she watched. In response, she cried and said she could not remember.

“I couldn’t look at it,” she said while gripping at her sweater. “I don’t wanna picture it either. I’m trying not to recall what I saw.”

The alleged victim said she does not know if she was drugged and did not know how she got to the bedroom or how her clothes were removed.

Additionally, the alleged victim said she did not know Dennis Perkins had files on his computer nor was aware that was a file of her or others on the computer.

The attorney general redirected.

She said to the courtroom that she would have never agreed to a threesome.

Curtin’s eight-year-old son may have been home during the alleged rape.