BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — An arrest warrant could be issued for a New Orleans coroner’s office investigator after being a no-show to testify in a Baton Rouge court.

55-year-old Samantha Huber was called to testify in a Baton Rouge woman’s trial about her alleged involvement in her boyfriend’s death in 2015. Huber was called to testify since she is the coroner’s office employee who conducted the autopsy for Arthur Noflin, the husband of the woman on trial.

The judge in Baton Rouge said if Huber does not appear by Thursday, then the arrest warrant will officially be issued.

Huber allegedly refused to testify unless she was paid $800 an hour along with an $800 check ahead of time. The prosecutor in the trial received permission from the district attorney to mail a check.

After never showing up to the 19th District Judicial Court, Huber, who claims to have COVID-19, is reportedly dodging prosecutors’ messages. She’s claimed to have never gotten the check and said if she does, she will tear it up.

BRProud has reached out for comment from Huber through the New Orleans Coroner’s Office.