GONZALES, La. (BRPROUD) — While most eight-year-olds are enjoying their summer, one in Gonzales has made it his mission to save up for college to become an astronaut.

Trash 2 Curb, a business that brings your trash to the curb and cleans out the trash bin, was started by eight-year-old Jayce.

“We needed to start like going outside and like play but we didn’t want to go to summer camp, so she signed us up for a job,” said Jayce Berfect, the owner of Trash 2 Curb.

He said his goal for Trash 2 Curb is to put a smile on other people’s faces but also let other kids know it is okay to leave the play station — sometimes.

“And I get to like, spread the word so I can like get more kids to do like join so they can get off the game and just like come outside,” said Jayce.

The little businessman said the cool thing about his new business is the money.

“I can save money for college and when I go to be a grown-up I’ll have a bunch of money, I can have my own spaceship and go to space,” said Jayce.

Jayce said he will be an astronaut one day but Jayce’s mother said she is just happy that he is learning the definition of hard work.

“And the first thing I ask him, ‘You still love doing it?’ And as long as he says, ‘Yeah,’ we’re going to keep doing it. I just want him to realize that nothing’s going to be handed to you. You got to work for everything you get. I mean, that’s the only way you’ll appreciate it as well,” said Jayce’s mother Jamyra Berfect.

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