ASSUMPTION PARISH, La. (BRPROUD) — Schools in Assumption Parish will be receiving major security upgrades that school leaders say are all about safety.

“Obviously there’s a huge conversation around the country right now about school safety. But I think it’s it’s without that conversation, it’s still a priority,” said the Superintendent of Assumption Parish Schools John Barthelemy.

Barthelemy said they are going to stay up to date with its security.

“We changed our locks. We made sure that all our doors work and properly,” he continued.

Teachers will now be able to lock themselves in the classrooms more effectively and timely. Barthelemy says the schools will also add Zero Eyes smart cameras to all of their schools.

“But as of right now, it’s anything that is visible. The camera can actually pick up, and relay back to the command center within 3 to 5 seconds. Command center identified that as a threat, notified a local sheriff department so we could get those the resources on campus as soon as possible so we could eliminate the threat,” said Barthelemy.

The biggest change – the school board will be spending over $40,000 to add metal detectors at all primary, middle, and high schools.

“For our school safety, when kids are walking on campus in the morning but also for our events, we do have like basketball games and football games. So we wanted to make sure that we do our best to try to keep our students and our faculty safe,” he said.

Barthelemy wants parents to know that the school district is going to do their part but they need parents’ and students’ help. If you see something, say something. These changes will all be implemented by the end of the fall break.

The school board has also applied for a $500,000 grant that will help with building holding rooms for guests so they will have to be allowed in and checked before entering the school.