In East Baton Rouge Parish, the city of Baker is seeing delays in getting residents mobile homes from FEMA.

Baker’s mayor wants to put about 125 mobile homes at Renaissance Village so people impacted by the flooding can be close to their homes.

“You know I got people calling me every day that’s trying to figure out when their trailers going to come,” said Mayor Darnell Waites.

Staff with FEMA hasn’t told the mayor when they’ll arrive.

He hoped to have them by December, but says communication between FEMA, GOHSEP, and the Mayor Kip Holden’s office hasn’t been quick.

So the mobile home park sits empty and locked up.

“At this point we are pressing to get more information. But I am disappointed with the delay, I don’t know if it’s FEMA problems, I don’t want to blame anybody, but I am disappointed it’s taking so long,” said Mayor Waites.

Renaissance Village was the same mobile home park used during hurricane Katrina for flood victims.

The mayor says this time around it won’t be open to everyone, just residents from the northern part of the parish like Baker, Central and Zachary.

People who live near Renaissance Village say they don’t mind that it’s being reopened for mobile homes.

“Not at all, especially if it is to help victims you know desperately need it at this time,” said Baker resident Shawn Wallace.

“Well if someone needs someone to stay you know, a place for home, they had it during the Katrina thing, I don’t have any problems with it,” said Baker resident Walter Alexander.

The mayor says even after FEMA delivers the mobile homes it could take some time to get people in them.

“The Corps of Engineers have to go in and set it up, it has to be safe, the fire marshal has to come in, we need to set up for gas and water and police. There is a lot to get this done,” said Mayor Waites.

That means it could be months for flood victims to be back in their city rebuilding.

A spokesperson for FEMA says the agency is working on getting mobile homes to Baker as quickly as possible.

The mayor says the mobile homes would likely stay at Renaissance Village less than 18 months.