BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – In 2015, Baton Rouge musician Benny DiChiara suffered a brain injury that almost cost him his life. Now, DiChiara and his band, Empowered, are spreading a message of faith through music.

After a fall, DiChiara was sent to the intensive care unit with a concussion and a double fracture in the back of his head which left him in a recliner for about a month.

“And I slept 20 hours a day about and the neurosurgeons told me that that’s how your brain heals itself,” DiChiara said. “I couldn’t speak. I could not speak.”

Empowered released one of their most popular albums, “Three Days” after his recovery.

When his wife was able to leave him alone after his accident, DiChiara said that he heard God’s voice.

“But there was an audible male voice in my living room while I was in the recliner. And it said, ‘Benny, I have great plans for you coming out of this’ so I was scared to death. Because I didn’t know who was in the house. I thought somebody was in the house,” he said. “But then I realized who it was.”

That moment inspired him to write “Jeremiah 29:11”.

The album hit the Top 20 of’s chart and the music video was in the No. 1 spot on the website’s video chart. DiChiara said that leaving a positive impact means success to him.

“Charts and ratings and No. 1’s in this and other — that stuff’s just gravy, you know, you just get giddy about that. It’s kind of like you’re in an Easter basket, and … you’re out of candy, you go, ‘I can’t believe it,’ and you move the grass and there’s more underneath. It’s like, whoa,’ DiChiara said. “So the No. 1’s and ratings and all that kind of stuff that’s the hidden candy underneath.”

The band’s most recent album, “Yaweh-Nissi” came out in October 2022. One of the songs is inspired by his father’s cancer death, DiChiara said. It’s called “I’ll Meet You There (Daddy’s Song)”.

“God said ‘There are people that are lost, so, I want you to tell them your story about your dad, because if you know where he is. There’s joy in that because you’ll meet him there,'” he said.

Although doctors never figured out the cause of his fall, DiChiara said he still has side effects including occasional memory loss, which doesn’t affect how he writes his music.

“Because when I’m in that, for some reason, it’s just, it’s all mine. It’s hard to explain if you don’t do it, but if you do it, you understand what I’m saying,” he said.

“1995” is his favorite song. DiChiara said the song is raw and tells his story of how he gave his life to Jesus. It’s the last song on the band’s first album, “Soul Cry.”

The message is what’s important to DiChiara. He said that Empowered’s music is God’s story and that it should reach people regardless of where they are.

“We want it to be where it can bring you joy when you need it when it can bring you comfort when you need it when it can bring you support when you need it,” he said. “And I think that’s missing in music today.”

“God empowered us, with the gift of music, being able to write, being able to do songs so that you, the listener, can be empowered, in whatever situation your life is and so you can go and empower somebody else,” he said.

New music is expected to be released this year. Empowered’s tunes can be found on Spotify, Apple Music or wherever music can be streamed. Visit Empowered’s website to see recent albums and meet the band.