BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Two complete strangers brought their families together to bring a new life into the world through surrogacy.

New parents Kelly and Kyle Savant held their new bundle of joy for the first time on Feb. 14, something that seemed impossible a few years ago.

“In order to move on to a carrier, you have to grieve that you’ll never carry your own baby. You have to grieve that your wish may not come true for you,” said Kelly. “It was just such a blessing because our biggest dream for our family was to have a child of our own.”

Ainsley Rain Johnson Isaac is a rainbow baby born after two miscarriages and infertility. 

“We went through a lot of tough times, a lot of devastation through miscarriages. Every month we were devastated when we found out that I was — again — not pregnant,” she said. “In 2014, my husband, Kyle, and I conceived a baby and we lost the baby. We lost Baby A within about nine weeks. We had twins, we lost Baby B. I also had to have methotrexate chemotherapy injections and due to the DNC and developed scar tissue in my uterus, which caused me to be infertile.”

“All you can do is be there to support, and it’s hard, it’s really hard, and it takes a lot of courage from both of us to get through it,” added Kyle.

However, in the darkness came her miracle by the name of Jasmine Johnson Isaac.

“I’ve spent the last 14 years taking care of other people’s children, when is it going to be my turn? And I just turn to God asking for answered prayers and God answered my prayer. And Jasmine and Maurice were His answer,” said Kelly.

Photo by Romans Photography

“You know how you walk around trying to figure out what’s your purpose on Earth and trying to figure out where you fit in here? And just doing something like this is just, just something amazing. It’s a feeling that you can’t explain,” said gestational carrier Jasmine.

On Valentine’s Day, true love surrounded the baby when she was born with not just two parents, but a team behind her.

“I guess you could say it was just to help someone experience the same love I have for my kids. That was more of my priority,” said Jasmine. “It took a lot of mental preparation. Of course, everyone wonders, are you going to get attached to the baby? But you know, in the beginning, we were on a mission and we just had to complete it. They took a lot of little setbacks or whatever, but you know, it was all worth it.”

It all started with a Facebook message. Jasmine said she was interested in being a carrier. But after expressing her interest, the comment section showed negative responses from people.

“So I did reach out to her privately, not knowing if she would ever get the message or not,” said Kelly.

She did receive it and the mother of four said she felt like was called to carry the baby. 

“Working and being around a lot of women who were talking about how they couldn’t conceive. It kind of took a toll on them and I kind of saw what they were going through mentally,” said Jasmine. “Just to see all of them go through that, and it’s just something that I wanted to do.”

Jasmine’s husband, Maurice, said he knew it was serious when she kept bringing the topic up to him.

Ainsley has the Savants’ genetic material but was carried by Jasmine with the support of her husband and fertility doctor, Dr. Huber. The process wasn’t easy given Louisiana’s strict laws.

“In Louisiana, you cannot compensate for a gestational carrier. Also in Louisiana, you have to be involved in a heterosexual relationship, and the genetic material of your embryos has to be the biological parents,” Kelly explained. “For the gestational carrier contract, you have to wait for the attorney to review what you have to go to court, you have to then start the process. She’s on medications injections for a few months. So it definitely takes several months,” she explained.

Their story caught the attention of thousands after going viral on Facebook. 

Photos by Emily Blount with Memories by Erika

“A few hours later, when I picked up my phone, I realized how much this story should get attention. This is a beautiful thing that’s happening, but we had no idea the extent of the people this is going to reach. I had so many people who have messaged me, and I know Jasmine has had the same. People sharing stories of infertility,” said Kelly.

The future is bright for these four, with a precious angel keeping them connected forever.

“They will know who carried her, who brought her into our lives, and what special people they are,” said Kelly.

The two couples said they will be looking for a way to help connect people who have similar situations.