BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Pakistan is in desperate need after weeks of deadly monsoon rains.
People in Baton Rouge are feeling the impact of overseas.

The deadly flooding is claiming more than 1,100 lives and impacting millions. Experts say one-third of the country is underwater. To put that into perspective, that’s as if nearly the entire state of Wyoming was filled with water.

“Hundreds of villages are swept away,” Imtiaz Ahmed, a Baton Rouge resident who has family in Pakistan. “Trust me, it makes you sad.”

Ahmed has family in Lahore, Pakistan, a few hours away from the devastations. But he says his family is feeling the tragedy.

“Many people migrated to our city. Hundreds of families are sitting on the road,” he said. “They give people shelter in their own home. Everybody has a big heart over there.”

The Baton Rouge Islamic Center is raising money and accepting donations of water and clothes for the country.

“We already raised 15 to 20 thousand dollars for that cause,” said Zamel Mohammed, president of the Islamic Center of Baton Rouge.

Pakistani leaders say this is one of the most destructive events in history. Reports from the Pakistan National Disaster Management Authority show rainfall has been 500 percent above average, destroying villages and livestock. Experts say years of glaciers melting contribute to the heavy rainfall. The country is seeking millions in international aid.

“We can sit back and say ‘it’s not my business’ or we can respond, this community is one community. From our prestige in Baton Rouge, we are trying to respond to the call from the people of Pakistan,” said Mohammed.

Ahmed’s brother in Pakistan is boots on the ground. His brother says recovery will be even worse.

“They need medication, they need a lot of things and I’m very happy people all around the world they’re helping,” said Ahmed.

Those who want to donate to the Baton Rouge Islamic Center can call 225-387-3617 or visit here.