BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – According to AAA, Thanksgiving is the busiest day on the road. Law enforcement says it’s also busy for them due to distracted and impaired drivers.

Baton Rouge mother Joan Robinson lost her 17-year-old daughter last year. Joan is now working with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). She encourages drivers to think before getting behind the wheel this weekend.

“I’m supposed to have all three of my kids. I’m not supposed to be visiting a graveyard to see my child,” said Joan.

This year will be the second Thanksgiving Joan has to celebrate without her daughter Alexis.

“She was happy and just loved all around,” said Joan.

Alexis was driving home from work when a drunk driver T-boned her. According to Joan, the driver’s blood alcohol level was .21percent, which is considered life-threatening. Joan fears the holiday weekend will bring more impaired drivers onto the road.

“He had been coming down Sherwood Forest Boulevard doing 77 in a 45,” she said.

Louisiana State Police spokesperson Christian Reed says you will see more state troopers on the roadways this holiday season.

“Thanksgiving weekend is our heavenliest travel weekend and just nationally. Right now, there’s approximately 50 million people on the roadways,” said Reed.

Reed is asking drivers to have a plan if they intend to drink.

“If you feel different, you drive different,” he said. “We want to make sure people have a plan in place so if they do consume, that they do have a designated driver. But also use some of those rides share options like your Uber and Lyft.”

“MADD would like to remind motorists to remember if alcohol is going to be a part of their Holiday Activities,  please have a plan in place before taking that first drink,” said Valerie Cox, with victim services in Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Robinson says to think of your loved ones before making a decision.

“The guy who hit my baby and took her life, if he was responsible and called someone and called an Uber or someone to pick him up, my baby would still be here today,” said Robinson.