BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – It’s the time of year when people are increasingly aware of those in need, and turkey giveaways are plentiful.

But this year, even more people than usual find themselves financially strapped as a result of rising grocery prices.

Thanksgiving is known as a time to give thanks and give back.

That’s exactly what rapper Keon Dyes, better known as TG Kommas, has been doing in the Zion City area, the community he called home for a number of years.

“It feels good to come back and be able to bless others,” Dyes said.

Though Dyes is from Dallas, Texas, he grew up in the city of Baton Rouge and says he’s always had the goal of helping his community in some way.

“That’s a dream to be able to come back and bless people that you grew up around or people that really played a part in your upbringing,” Dyes said.

More than four hundred families were able to walk away with gumbo, a turkey, and sides. BRProud reporter Jessica Knox spoke with one parent who said the giveaway rekindled her anticipation for Thanksgiving.

Latonia Thompson, a resident of Baton Rouge, said, “Baton Rouge has been going through a lot right now and for someone to give back is very helpful. I plan on using my turkey to feed my family, especially this big turkey right here.”

Besides feeding hundreds of families, this up-and-coming artist and his fellow collaborators are inspiring others to give back. 

Another local artist, Darius “Proper Play” Williams said, “Well, it gives them hope. The only thing bad coming is jail. So, y’all stay in school.”

Dyes says this will not be the last time he gives back to his community.