BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — It’s all hands on deck at Sammy’s Grill on Highland.

Crawfish season is here early this year, and experts say it’s going to be a good one.

“During the mild temperatures of October, November and December, those young crawfish got a good headstart on their growth,” said LSU AG Center Coastal Resources Specialist Mark Shirley.

Sammy’s Grill Executive Chef Joey Faciane says crawfish season is an opportunity to bring in new customers.

The restaurant boils around 4,000 pounds during peak season. Faciane is looking to hire more staff because of the high demand this year.

“We’re obviously seeing prices down more than last year, so we’re off to a good start,” said Faciane. “Crawfish season for Sammy’s has always been our bread and butter. It’s what we lean on for a lot of people to get exposure to Sammy’s.”

Almost all industries are dealing with supply chain issues. Shirley says restaurants can expect a delay in shipments, but it should not negatively impact the entire season.

“Right now, the water is very cold and the supply of crawfish is a lot shorter. But the volume of crawfish that they’re going to catch will increase as we get into the warmer months,” he said.

Sammy’s boils crawfish four days a week in January. Faciane says they’ll boil everyday starting in February. He begins preparing for this time of the year months in advance.

“We know our customers like to buy a lot — we want to be able to supply that. Our big wait right now is making sure we can supply,” said Faciane.