BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — The battle for livable housing continues and now community members are calling on the Metro Council to take action.

“Just because it’s low income doesn’t mean we should have to live like this,” said Crystal Flucker, a tenant at Spanish Arms.

Over 10,000 people in Louisiana are struggling to pay rent due to economics. Imagine saving 700 dollars a month for rent to walk inside your apartment and see mold and water damage.

“This here, you can flush it. But when after it flushes it takes a long time for water refills into here and that’s about it we just got them to fix some of them get cold and had water,” explained Bobbi Mack, another tenant at Spanish Arms.

Tenants are experiencing mold, no air conditioning, and leaks in their apartments at Spanish Arms. One tenant, Crystal Flucker, has had enough.

“It’s ridiculous. We [are] tired of living like this,” she said.

They have emailed, called, and left letters for management. Now, they are demanding help from the Metro Council.

“I mean, it may be shorthand, but, you know, the problem has been going on for three years. It should have been attended to within three years or something,” Mack said.

“Get the city council out here to help us and to get someone to get down to the root of the problem,” Flucker said.

“There are a few things that are on the books, but they are extremely hard to enforce,” said Councilman Daryl Hurst.

After seeing the tenants’ living conditions, Hurst is introducing a new ordinance that aims to hold landlords accountable for maintaining their property. He’s not sure it’ll pass, but he promises to at least start the conversation.

“And we talk about the quality of life. We’re talking about you should come to where you should have running water. You should have toilets that flush, sewage that works properly,” he said.

Hurst said it will take 30 days to get the ordinance ready before introducing it to the Metro Council.