BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Rolling through the hallways of BASIS Baton Rouge Materra Charter School with his office on wheels. 

Principal Jared Lamb has been in the education field for more than a decade, he gives credit to the Teach for America nonprofit and his parents. 

Now with his knowledge and experience, he has gone viral with videos on TikTok where he shows off his moving cart and brings his “office” to staff and students – documenting his leadership and inspiring the education field nationally. 

“They’ll reach out and they say, you know, I actually have a cart. I got a cart this year. And it’s actually transformed the work that I’m doing on my campus, or it’s changed how I’ve been able to support teachers,” said Lamb about his TikTok video viewers. 

With the cart he makes sure teachers have everything they need, offering them support during class time, he said.  

“I’ll run to the copier and make a few extra copies. Sometimes it’s a technique. I think another place where I like to support is just with students, with student behavior. If there’s some that comes up in the classroom, I’m only on a roll down the hallway, a way to help support the teachers with that,” said Lamb. 

Through his cart, Lamb is not the only one with a cart office, but also administrators. Lamb said with this established connection he hopes to keep teachers. 

“The national data around teacher attrition and teachers leaving the profession. Obviously it’s a lot right now in our schools. And so my belief is that for my campus, I want to flip the script. My belief is that if we want different results, we have to do something differently,” he said. 

Lyndah Anderson, senior director of BASIS Baton Rouge Materra Charter School, is one of the administrators on the go. She said the concept is more than views but a big impact to the campus that makes teachers feel seen. 

“Not just Mr. Lamb, but also any of the administrators. You can kind of find anyone poking their heads around, looking, trying to see what’s going on, what do you need? And then it really just brings that sense of community and then it also allows the teachers to not feel so isolated,” she said. 

Now for those interested in watching Lamb’s TikTok, he hopes you takeaway a positive message. 

“I want to get back to that positivity and some of that excitement about what schools can achieve instead of on the negative focus of where the barriers are,” Lamb said.