BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Baton Rouge Metro Council members are pressing for some policies to be revisited by city leaders, weeks after victims of the alleged Brave Cave came forward.

In the recent Metro Council meeting, council members continue to discuss their concerns of law enforcement’s no-knock warrant. Now, they are calling on city leaders to have a change of heart for the sake of residents. 

“Right now, there’s a policy and law that kind of gives police immunity on certain acts. I think this is one of them. And what we’re looking at and revisiting and looking at policy and looking at law to see when these damages are what we feel unjustifiable,” said Councilman Cleve Dunn.

Councilman Dunn and Darryl Hurst are challenging City-Parish leaders to find better resolutions for property damage caused by law enforcement.

“These are just people that they think have done a crime and a lot of them get off, but now they go back to a home that’s inhabitable,” said Councilman Hurst.

Council leaders say the City-Parish should be using money from existing funds to repair homes.

“These individuals’ homes and these individuals inside the homes were treated as though they were enemy combatants, insurgents or terrorists,” said Ryan Thompson, an attorney.

Thompson is representing 21-year-old, Jeremy Lee, and other Brave Cave alleged victims and he’s now questioning police reports.

“Why is it not good for the judicial system to not allow reports, but it’s good for the city to review those police reports and accept those things as true?” said Thompson.

There was a law passed in 2021 that restricts when an officer can use a no-knock warrant, namely when the life of an officer is at risk. Community activist, Geno McLaughlin, says many have misused their discretion.

“I’d have to go to a whole court proceeding, just to be found not guilty, just to actually receive some sort of resolution,” said McLaughlin.

The council is looking to have an update, a report from the parish attorney’s office during the next council meeting.