BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — A GoFundMe has been created for a mother after her child was killed while she was recovering from surgery on Oct. 26.

Jennifer Davis, the mother of Khazi Leigh Davis, said her daughter got a hold of an unattended firearm. According to her GoFundMe, she was in recovery from a liver transplant when she was told the news and started to have seizures.

“Once I was informed of what happened I was certain I was not going to make it. My family is the only thing I have to keep me going. I’m trying to focus on the memories that I was able to make with her. I’ll never understand why it had to happen to my baby,” she said.

“I’m already deep, deep in medical bills with my own health and now I have to lay my angel Khazi to rest,” she said.

The goal for the donation is $10,000. As of Saturday, Nov. 4, the amount donated is $280. According to her GoFundMe, the donations will be used for funeral, medical and moving expenses.

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