BATON ROUGE, LA. (BRPROUD) — The committee came into Thursday’s meeting with 19 candidates for Baton Rouge’s next police chief before narrowing it down to just a handful. Now it’s all in the mayor’s hands to choose the next chief.

The top five candidates include BRPD Captain David Wallace, BRPD Sergeant and Training Academy Director Sharon Douglas, BRPD Deputy Chief Myron Daniels, BRPD Commander in Training Services Division Thomas Morse, Jr., and Thomas Glover.

Committee member Walter Green served on the committee that chose Chief Murphy Paul. He said each candidate came forward with strong answers after getting questions about the BRAVE Cave investigation, police brutality and ideas on transparency with the department.

“We interviewed every candidate this time,” said Green. “We want to give everyone an opportunity, and I think by doing that we did pick the top five.”

Committee member Michael McClanahan said he wanted the mayor to think outside the box.

“I wouldn’t have chosen five, I actually had six and if I was her I would choose a chief, but co-chiefs,” said McClanahan.

Both committee members agree it’s about making Baton Rouge stronger.

The mayor released the following statement Friday morning.

“I express my gratitude to the Police Chief Candidate Review Committee for their meticulous and impartial evaluation of each candidate. I appreciate their willingness to serve the City of Baton Rouge, and will take their recommendations seriously as we move forward in the process of selecting our next Chief of Police.

“It is of utmost importance that Baton Rouge’s next police chief embodies the qualities of experience, forward-thinking, and a visionary approach to address crime, oversee the growth of our police force, foster community engagement and trust-building, and upholding the principles of integrity and transparency.”

Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome

One committee member said a decision could be made within the next couple of weeks. As for now, Paul will remain in the position until a new chief is named.