Courtesy: Valeria Quintana (KASW)

The Bermuda Triangle is one of those strange phenomenons that everyone seems to know about, but no one knows the truth behind it. It’s kind of like Area 51.

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as Devil’s Triangle, is located in the Atlantic Ocean, between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Airplanes and ships have been reported missing after flying over the area, never to be found again.

One of the first reported incidents was in 1945, when five Navy torpedo bombers vanished after leaving Fort Lauderdale. They were never located. 

Ships and planes being abducted by aliens, weird universal forces and the underwater city of Atlantis are theories behind the mysterious disappearances. Superstitions have always revolved around this strange phenomenon, but that’s all they’ve ever been – just superstitions. Until now. 

Scientists from the U.K. are putting a stop to the conspiracy theories. 

In a Britain’s Channel 5 documentary, The Bermuda Triangle Enigma, University of Southhampton scientists are blaming 100-foot waves for the strange disappearances.

Researchers recreated the harsh water conditions in an indoor simulator, and scientists found that the “rogue waves” are powerful enough to completely destroy a ship.