BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — 21-year-old Jermey Lee’s home was left in unstable conditions after the Baton Rouge Police Department drove a militarized unit through his home. Lee reached out to Community Advocate, Geno McLaughlin, for help. Metro Councilman Cleve Dunn stepped in as well after the city-parish government made no progress with the claim on the home. 

“That hole that was in that home allowed for rats, mice, roaches to really come into that home and took over into the babies’ clothes, so being able to replace those items was really key,” said McLaughlin.

Councilman Cleve Dunn Jr. says crews have since, been hands on doing demo work making the repairs, and now they’re almost complete.

We didn’t want to wait, I didn’t want to wait, so I told Geno once he informed me that we’d just raise the money privately through nonprofits and private organizations and get these repairs done,” said Dunn.

Lee’s mother died from Covid, leaving him and his five siblings, and a six-month-old infant behind. McLaughlin says with the help of several community partners they were able to replace items and give Lee the resources he needed.

It was an Amazon wish list that was started and so we got some additional items, community members, both local and national, were able to pour into this family. They are happy and really pleased with this entire community,” said McLaughlin