BATON ROUGE, La (BRPROUD) — On Monday, Jan. 24, the Baton Rouge Police Department is addressing concerns about what is being a done to combat the recent violence.

BRPD has responded to shootings at a hotel, inside a car and more.

On Monday, the Baton Rouge Police Department is elaborating on their new strategic plan to tackle the issue.

Chief Murphy Paul went into detail about how the plan is now parish wide instead of just the city and it brings many organizations and agencies together to help tackle the problem of the high violent crime here in Baton Rouge from the ground up.

Chief Paul says, “We’re making those adjustments. We believe we’re going to show reductions based on these plans we have in place because we’re making those adjustments but it has been challenging.”

Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul says it will take time to show results but they are working towards improvements.

There were 170 murders just last year and 136 in 2020.

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office is concerned with the rise in crime in the parish.

EBRSO Sheriff Sid J. Gautreaux has been trying to identify small groups who may have been instigating some of the gun violence in the area.

District Attorney Hillar Moore says 2021 was a bloody year for EBR.

Moore says murder is rarely random and the city is still a safe place to live.

DA Moore says homicides are concentrated between people and locations. If you’re not in those groups or locations where crime is high you are safe.

Moore states that there is a big backlog in the court system from the pandemic.

DA Moore emphasizes that getting the courts to move quicker is crucial to helping with this issue.

Community outreach groups are partnering with the department to get people to the resources they need to get out of violent situations.

Truce helps people get access to transportation, housing, and other needs.

Aishala Burgess, Executive Director of Truce says, “Enough is enough. And we are asking you to put down your guns and take advantage of all of the services that we have to offer.”