BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — The Baton Rouge Police Department is currently doing an internal investigation after a video went viral on social media. The video shows officers handcuffing two Black men after officers broke up a fight.

The fight broke out across the street from Boudreaux & Thibodaux’s Friday night. One of the men tased and handcuffed is working with the NAACP to possibly take legal action.

“Initially when I saw the video my first reaction was anger,” said Tiara Jones, social justice chair of Baton Rouge NAACP.

Jones with the Baton Rouge NAACP is representing Kentron Leonard, the man seen in the black jersey getting tased in the footage.

Jones said Leonard and his friend were asked to leave City Bar by officers with no reason provided.

“On their way out, the white guys who were in the video actually called my client the n-word. It’s my understanding he looks as if he was intoxicated and drunk, and when I say he, I mean the guy who called him the n-word,” said Jones.

During the argument, Leonard is seen punched. After a short scuffle, Leonard’s friend pushes another man to the ground.

Then, the same two officers and another, who told them to leave City Bar, approach as one man is kicking another. That’s when an officer is seen tasing Leonard and detaining Leonard’s friend.

“I’ve spoken to my client, I got a chance to get to know him. Aside from traffic tickets, he hasn’t had any encounters with police officers. It has caused him to have some anxiety when it comes to police officers, notably most likely racial anxiety,” said Jones.

According to Jones, Leonard resulted in a fracture to his eye and he has staples to his head.

It’s unclear if the group of white men were also detained. But, we do see an officer walk their way before the video stops recording. Jones is working to get surveillance video to find out what happened.

Baton Rouge Police officials say they can’t comment because it’s an open investigation.

“Trained officers should not pick and choose who the aggressor is in the situation based off the color of their skin,” said Jones.

Leonard and his attorney have not decided if they will seek legal actions against Baton Rouge police just yet.