BATON ROUGE, La. (BR Proud News) – The Sherwood Forest neighborhood is connecting their security cameras to the Baton Rouge Police Department Real Time Crime Center. Now, anyone in Baton Rouge can join the Connect Blue BR Directory, to share video from their street-facing security cameras upon request.

“It sounds like a good idea.”
“We’re glad to have it.”
“I think it’s great for crime prevention”

Baton Rouge’s real time crime center will soon have an extra set of eyes.

“Police can’t be every where every time” said Sherwood forest resident, Susan Bujol.

Connect Blue BR is a camera sharing system that encourages people to take a more proactive role in public safety.

“We’ll be able to refer back to those cameras, review the footage that’s there and look for a potential suspect’s vehicle or suspects who may be in the area causing crime” said Baton Rouge Police Department’s Public Information Officer L’Jean McKneely.

Your private security camera can be linked to the real time crime center, but the department says it will not invade your privacy.

“This isn’t something that we are going to readily monitor all day, it’s not big brother watching. It’s more of a system that we could use as a tool or a reference that we could go back to and attempt to gather information that we feel that will be beneficial to us and our investigation” said McKneely.

Sherwood Forest resident Eugene Kelly said, having extra protection in his neighborhood is a good thing.

“We have cameras on pretty much every entry in Sherwood forest now, you know they read your tags as you come in now so I’m glad they got there in here” said Kelly.

Bujol said, she currently does not have cameras, but if she did registering it would be the least she can do.

“If you have footage that shows a crime taking place or not necessarily a crime, it could be something to help anything where you need to identify someone or something or just an incident it could be helpful in solving that” said Bujol.

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