Something hot is brewing inside of the food incubator on LSU’s campus; the newest hot sauce to hit the market and store shelves, boasting a unique ingredient making it one of the only of it’s kind in the world. 

“Swamp Dragon is the only liquor based hot sauce in the world” said creator, Matt Beeson.  

You heard it right. Leave it to a Louisianian to create a hot sauce made with liquor. 

“There’s a vodka, a bourbon, a rum and tequila” explained Beeson. “Four different blends. Simple mixture of peppers and liquors. You can’t get drunk from it because the peppers would make you sick if you tried. In my case we use alcohol; so instead of an acidic effect we use an antiseptic effect and we’re the only company in the world to do it”  Beeson said. 

Beeson says after years of eating traditional hot sauces that typically use vinegar bases, he wanted to try something different. 

“I looked at my countertop and thought well the Vodka doesn’t go bad when you leave it out and vodka is an unflavored spirit, if I just wanted the pepper flavor, maybe I can use Vodka instead of Vinegar. Turns out I was right again” Beeson said. 

With the help and guidance of the folks at the LSU food incubator, Beeson now manufactures and packages Swamp Dragon on campus. 

“The incubator is here to incubate small companies, turn them into large companies so it’s an economic development driver for the State of Louisiana” he said. 

He hopes his unique Swamp Dragon will be a driver and game changer for the hot sauce industry; bringing a little heat and a lot of Louisiana to a global stage. 

“I’m born and raised in New Orleans, the word Swamp is a hat tip to my origins and heritage in Louisiana but I do want to be an international brand and Dragon mythology is global” Beeson said, 

Swamp Dragon is now available in a number of local stores and restaurants.