For years, 15-year-old Alden Clark was teased, even bullied for her seemingly untamable mane. 

“It would be really curly and frizzy and it would be in knots all the time” she explained.  “If you would brush it, five minutes later it would be in knots again it was painful it was just untamable” she said.

That was until her single dad, Dr. Boyce Clark with a background and PH.D in Chemistry, had had enough. 

Getting ready for school every morning was a bit of a nightmare” said Dr. Clark.  “When we would wake up her hair would just be insane. Not frizz, almost an hour trying to brush it through, screaming, crying and I didn’t know what to do” he said. 

So he turned to the one thing he did know; science, turning his kitchen into his lab and his daughter into his guinea pig. 

We started testing them out in our kitchen, for eight or nine months my daughter underwent testing about three to four nights a week where I would test one formula on one side of her head and another on the other” said Dr. Clark. 

“About month nine, we had a breakthrough and her hair was amazing” Clark added.  “I sent her to school and that day when she came home there were two notes from teachers and a phone call that said what have you done to Alden’s hair and where can I get some? And that was the birth of lubricity” he said. 

Unlike other straighteners or anti-frizz products that could take hours to perfect, Dr. Clark says Lubricity is unique for it’s quick, easy and chemically safe elements.  PLus it’s local roots in Baton Rouge. 

” started this for my daughter because we had a problem in the mornings that needed to be solved and now to see thousands of women who now use the products who also have this positive experience is both incredibly humbling but also incredibly inspiring to me” Dr. Clark said.

Lubricity has now grown from Clark’s kitchen ot the business incubator at the LSU Innovation Park, where he and his staff now manufacture, package and distribute hundreds of units of shampoos, conditioners and treatments everyday. 

“It changes the way their morning ritual is, it changes the way they feel about themselves, and it gives them confidence. it’s incredible” he said. 

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