BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – There are over 100 agencies in the capital region working to get crime at an all-time low, but violence is still happening every day. One new coalition, believes they have the solutions to slow it down.

“Crime affects every man, woman and child that lives in East Baton Rouge Parish, and I don’t care if you’re in a gated community or you’re in a poor section of town, all those people everywhere, are wanting to live in peace and raise a family,” said East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Sid Gautreaux III.

A new coalition made up of more than 100 local leaders in government, law enforcement and nonprofits has been created to bring crime down in Baton Rouge. It’s called SAFE-BR.

“It’s hard to help people when you don’t know how to reach them, when you don’t understand them and you don’t know how to communicate with them,” explained Johnnie Domino, a community leader. But he said he’s heard this before and acknowledges the city is trying. “I loved everything they were talking about. I’m concerned about execution and things really getting done and the money getting down to the people,” he continued.

In the coalition, local leaders are partnering with businesses to invest in the community. Hopefully putting young people on the right path. “We’re raising money for new technology, law enforcement agencies, and we are going to support investments in communities that get young people away from crime and divert them either to education or in the direction of some career path that keeps them out of trouble,” claimed Clay Young, chair of the Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Foundation.

Young says their goal is to bridge the gap between city officials and the community. He understands residents are frustrated, but SAFE-BR is different, and change is on its way. “So it isn’t just lip service,” Young stated. “We already have a game plan and a timeline and we’re already gathering resources.”

Young says more events to lower crime rates will be happening soon.